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Products That Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity with Superior Environmental Performance

Eco-Friendly Toner

Kyocera's new toner ‘fuses’ on the page and prints at a lower temperature, reducing printer power consumption by up to half. 

Long-Life Technology Saves Resources

Kyocera's long-life components save resources, such as amorphous silicon drums with a lifetime up to 4,800,000 prints, double conventional drums. 

Toner-Only Innovation

Kyocera designed the first printers to use a toner-only system, avoiding the need to replace plastic cartridges, reducing environmental impact.     

Power Saving Function

 Set a time for your device to automatically switch itself off, helping reduce power consumption and make ECOSYS printers and MFPs more environmentally friendly.

No Styrofoam No Styrofoam Packing Materials

Packaging for Kyocera printers and MFPs is designed to maximize the use of biodegradable materials, and minimize the space required.

Less Ozone Emissions

The charging system that reduces ozone emissions helps make the ECOSYS printers and MFPs an eco-friendly line-up, they have been using Ozone Free design since 2010.

Odour Reducing Design

A positively charged photosensitive and a roller charging system, the amount of ozone generated  to an almost undetectable level . They have been using this ozone-free design since 2010. 

Quiet Mode

The user may choose to set constant silent mode, turn off silent mode, or set silent mode for each job, thereby reducing the noise to between 45 and 47 decibels.