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Power your document management

A Direct Link to a Digital Filing Cabinet

Today’s businesses are continually challenged to locate and move information more quickly, seamlessly, and securely within the organization. OpenText Alchemy is one such system that facilitates the document management process by creating a ‘digital filing cabinet’ of business-critical communications and records that can be accessed and utilized as needed.

Capture, store and retain paper documents

Now, companies can utilize their HyPAS-enabled KYOCERA MFP as a powerful on-ramp into their Alchemy system, with Kyocera’s OpenText Alchemy Connector. Users can easily convert paper documents to digital files, where they can be imported into Alchemy without any special middleware or server add-ons. This seamless, direct link facilitates the ability to perform activities across all aspects of a document’s life cycle: capture, store, share, revise, retain or dispose. The application leverages your existing Alchemy investment, while improving process transparency and adherence to regulatory requirements.

With OpenText Alchemy and Kyocera’s Alchemy Connector, users can streamline and automate document processing while creating a controlled environment for document storage.


  • Leverage your existing Alchemy investment with additional functionality from HyPAS-enabled KYOCERA MFPs
  • Simplify delivery of documents to customers, colleagues, business partners and auditors
  • Assist in compliance with industry regulations and standards by creating a controlled and auditable environment for document storage
  • Increase productivity by enabling users to share and revise documents electronically
  • Quick and easy document capture and indexing from the KYOCERA MFP
  • Accelerate document-intensive operations by integrating document access into your existing line of business systems